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In old maritime history, privateers were essentially hired private warships authorized by governments or wealthy families to carry out missions often not worthy of a full declared war. Some considered privateering as less destructive and wasteful than warfare because they often captured ships rather than sinking them. Privateers were used up until about the 19th century when they were outlawed by an international treaty in 1856 which the United States refused to sign. Privateers were sometimes hired to attack foreign shipping, to make dangerous delivery runs, to seize enemy ships, to escort shipping convoys, to hunt for bounties and to supplement fleets during naval wars as assigned by their contracts which were often called Letters of Marque. The costs of hiring the privateers were usually paid as a share of the bounty collected.

Privateers had a rich but nearly forgotten history and were often confused with pirates. Pirates often killed the crew of their victim ships and stole anything they could. In contrast, privateers often took prisoners instead of killing the crew and operated under a contract which specified what they could claim. For this reason, they were sometimes improperly referred to as gentleman pirates. Some privateers were hung as pirates when captured by the enemy whereas others were revered and knighted by royalty.

NetPrivateer, as a name, comes from Networking Privateer. Just as privateers were hired to carry out missions under Letters of Marque, NetPrivateer can be contracted to build and secure your network the right way. Our goal is to point organizations in the right direction by taking the helm and guiding them through rough networking and security waters.

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